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The key to preventing pests is to do so continuously. In a tropical environment, the exterior pest pressure is intense and products will break down over time when exposed to rain and UV rays. 

With Native Pest Management, you can choose a treatment plan and solution to ensure your home remains protected year round. After we perform the initial intensive interior/exterior treatment, we begin preventative applications on the exterior of your property.

Each of these treatments is guaranteed, meaning if there is an issue in-between services we will return for an immediate follow-up at no charge. All services include spider web and wasp nest removal on the exterior of the building.

  • Quarterly – Our quarterly maintenance pest prevention plan covers ants, American roaches, spiders, silverfish, earwigs, and millipedes. 
  • Every Other Month Service – Our most popular and recommended treatment plan. Our every other month pest prevention plan includes treating your home or business for pests six times a year. We have found this to be the ideal treatment frequency in our tropical environment. 
  • Monthly – Enjoy the comfort and confidence that monthly care can provide. For most homes, a monthly service plan is not necessary. We recommend monthly service for commercial establishments, or for residential homes that have excessive spider webs and wasp nests on the exterior that require more frequent removal.

What to Expect During Our Free Pest Control Inspection

When our licensed inspector arrives at your home or business, there are a few things that you can expect. First, you can expect a comprehensive inspection. It is important for us to identify the species of pests present in the home so we can recommend the proper treatment program.

This inspection includes looking in the attic, as we often find evidence of rodents and termites that homeowners were previously unaware of, both of which pose hazards to the home.

On the exterior of the home, our inspector will look for conducive conditions that may attract pests to your property, such as excessive moisture along the foundation. They will also check for trees and shrubs with honeydew on them, which ants and roaches will be attracted to.

What to Expect During Our Initial Intensive Pest Control Treatment

When our pest control technician comes to your home or business for the first service we assume there are pests present in the wall voids and attic even if you have not seen any bugs inside recently.

First, they will speak with you to determine if you have any concerns, where you last saw any insects, or if you have any questions about how the treatment process works.

They will start by treating the kitchen and bathrooms with a crack and crevice application targeting the plumbing penetrations (under the sinks and appliances, behind toilets,) as pests are attracted to moisture.

They will then open the electrical outlets in the kitchen and bathrooms and apply a long lasting dust inside the outlets. They will complete the interior portion of the treatment by entering the attic and apply a granular bait or dust.

When the interior is finished, the technician will apply a band of granular bait around the foundation of your home or business, targeting landscape beds which are more likely to host pests. They will then use a webber pole to manually remove spider webs, wasp nests and mud dauber nests from the exterior of your home.

They will complete the initial pest treatment by applying a residual liquid product along the foundation of the home, at any potential entry points, and at the base of any trees and shrubs.

The technician will let you know when the initial treatment is complete and will place a flag in the front lawn as required by law to indicate a pest control application was made to the property. You will then receive an e-mail service ticket exactly one hour after the service is complete with notes regarding the treatment that was performed.

What Do We Recommend?

If you own a home in the Palm Beach or Broward county areas and are considering one of our pest control treatment plans, we urge you to contact us today.

Some homes and businesses are simply more susceptible to pest infestations than others for a number of reasons. Sometimes, it is the location of the property that affects its susceptibility to infestation.

We have found that homes in areas of new development, especially in Western areas of Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, and Boca Raton have more pest issues due to the amount of construction and flying insects from undeveloped nurseries and farmland in the area.

In addition to the location of your property, the age of the structure also contributes to the susceptibility of a pest infestation. Older homes are more likely to have have evidence of an active or previously treated termite infestation.

All of our products and treatment methods are pet safe safe. For help finding the treatment plan right for you, contact us today.

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