Our Pest Management Services

Our philosophy at Native Pest Management is to use the safest and fewest products necessary to protect people and pets. Our integrated pest management approach allows us to identify the specific pests and their causes, and to eliminate them with a targeted treatment plan. Best of all, we are able to rid your home of unwanted bugs using only pet safe products.

But Why Do We Employ Integrated Pest Management Services?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, integrated pest management (IPM) is is an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices.” One of the reasons that we use this holistic pest management practice is that rather than focusing on the short term issue at hand (the infestation), integrated pest management focuses on the current issue and the prevention of future issues. Our integrated pest management programs are designed to set actionable thresholds, identify and monitor pests, prevent pests, and control conditions in a way that your home or business remains pest free.

When you use Native Pest Management for your home and commercial pest control needs, you can rest assured that you are protected by the best. In fact, we guarantee our service and back them up with free re-treatments if you have any pest issues between our regularly scheduled services. Give us a call now for your free quote — you’ll be glad you did.

Residential Pest Control West Palm Beach

Providing residential pest control to West Palm Beach, Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, Jupiter, Wellington, Lake Worth, and Boca Raton, Native Pest Management is your go-to non-invasive pest removal company. It is the last thing that you could ever want to find a pest in your home — because where there is one, there is likely more. Your home is a place for you to relax and unwind with your friends and family after a long day, and if you find a pest in your home there is a slim chance that you can do so. Because of this, it is important that you contact us at Native Pest Management right away upon discovering a pest, or evidence of a pest. When a pest control services provider from Native Pest management visits your home you can rest easy knowing that your home is pest-free, and that it will continue to be. Contact us today for any questions that you might have about our residential pest control services.

Lawn & Ornamental Pest Control West Palm Beach

In South Florida, we love our lawns. There is something about having a lush, green, lawn that is extremely appealing to both you, as well as your neighbors. However, there are plenty of pests in our area that can stand between you and having a perfect lawn. It is not unnatural for your lawn to be full of insect life, but at Native Pest Management, we want to make sure that your lawn and garden is home to only good insects. Pests feed on the roots of your lawn, hiding out of sight in the soil. Due to the subterranean nature of most lawn and landscape pests, it can be hard to exterminate existing populations without damaging the lawn itself — but that is where we come in. At Native Pest Management, we employ integrated pest management techniques to ensure that we can exterminate the current infestation, while also protecting your lawn and landscaping in the future. Contact us today for our pest management services and enjoy a pest-free lawn tomorrow.

Commercial Pest Control West Palm Beach

Have you found yourself searching “commercial pest control West Palm Beach” online, looking for the best pest control company in South Florida? Are you looking for proven pest management technicians that utilize integrated pest management rather than harsh chemicals? If so, look no further than Native Pest Management, your local West Palm Beach pest control company. 

When you discover the presence of pests in your home, it likely causes you discomfort. If you find evidence of pests in your business, it makes everyone uncomfortable — and that might even be able to affect how well your business does. If you own a restaurant, nobody will feel safe eating there. If you own an apartment complex, nobody will want to move in. if you own a boutique store, nobody will want to buy your product. But your business doesn’t have to be affected by pests.

Native Pest Management is a premier commercial pest control provider in the greater Palm Beach County area and has been providing local businesses and commercial properties with pest control and prevention for a number of years. Why do people come to us for commercial pest control in West Palm Beach? Because they see results when we do. If you own any of the below commercial businesses or properties and find yourself experiencing a pest infestation, we urge you to contact us today.

  • Homeowner Associations
  • Property Management Groups
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Government Facilities
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery Stores
  • Yachts
  • Airplanes

For All Things Pest Control Contact Native Pest Management

Are you a homeowner in the Palm Beach County area that has been frequently searching “residential pest control West Palm Beach” desperately looking for a remedy to your pest infestation? Contact Native Pest Management. Are you a commercial property owner that is losing money as a result of a pest issue that you simply cannot fix yourself? Contact us at Native Pest Management. Are you a homeowner that loves having a luscious green yard and can’t stand the brown spots of grass that are appearing? If so, contact Native Pest Management. Essentially, if you have a pest control issue, our pest control services can help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services or to speak to one of our experienced pest management technicians.