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Protect your South Florida property with a lawn treatment plan from Native Pest Management.

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Please reach out to our team today to learn more about the following lawn treatment plans:

  • Monthly – For the best lawn on the block, we recommend monthly service. No lawn that is treated 4 or 6 times a year will ever look as good. Our premium plan includes insect, weed and fungus control. We also apply granular fertilizer throughout the year to ensure a continuously green and healthy lawn year-round. Guaranteed.
  • Every Other Month – Our more basic plan also includes insect and weed control. We also include granular fertilizer to ensure adequate nutrients to keep the lawn green in-between treatments. 

What is Causing Brown Spots in the Lawn?

Chinch Bugs – Chinch Bugs are small, black and white, winged bugs that can be found on sunny patches of St. Augustine grass. Chinch bugs are usually attracted to lawns that have been under-watered or untreated, and will quickly cause damage to your lawn.

Large patches of browning grass can be a sign of a chinch bug infestation. Chinch bugs suck the fluid out of grass blades. If you notice your lawn starting to brown in large irregular patches, it is imperative that you get in touch with us right away.

Grub Worms – Grub worms are a subterranean pest that feeds on the roots of your lawn. Grub worms are the larvae of Japanese beetles and can systematically destroy your lawn from by feeding on the roots.

Grub worms will also make your lawn attractive to birds and animals like moles, raccoons and possums that may dig holes in your turf to access these pests. If you have found grub worms or damaged turf on your property,  contact us for a free inspection today. 

Armyworms – Armyworms are typically thought of as a menace to crops like soybeans and corn, but they can do just as much damage to your lawn if you aren’t careful. In the fall, armyworms scour the landscape for food before they later become moths. If you notice moths flying in your lawn, armyworms are likely nearby.

Luckily, armyworms are easy to identify and they are often found in large numbers when they are present in lawns. One trick we use to quickly identify their presence is to use a hose to soak an area of turf. If armyworms are present, they will most likely float up to the soil surface.

Sod Webworms – Commonly referred to as the larvae of “lawn moths,” sod webworms are small silver striped worms that are known to destroy lawns. If you live in the South Florida area, there is no doubt that you have at one point seen the adult form of the sod webworm, as they are commonly seen taking flight over turfgrass on evenings.

While the mere presence of sod webworms might not threaten your lawn, it is important to have a professional lawn pest control provider visit your home to diagnose the severity of the infestation.

Gray Leaf Spot Fungus – If you look closely at your turf, you may see gray spots on the blades. This is likely gray leaf spot fungus.

While this type of fungus by itself won’t kill your lawn, it is an indicator that the turf is severely stressed, usually by over-watering, excessive shade and low mowing. 

Brown Patch Fungus – Usually we only see this type of fungus in the West Palm Beach area between November and March, when night time temperatures are more favorable for these fungus pathogens to cause damage.

This type of fungus will create circular patches in your lawn usually a few feet in diameter. The presence of this type of fungus is another indicator of over-watering. 

If you are not satisfied with the quality of your lawn or ornamental shrubs contact your local lawn care professionals today to schedule a free lawn analysis!

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Native Pest Management proudly provides natural and pet-friendly lawn care service to South Florida residents. With our eco-friendly products and methods, we are able to keep both homes and businesses free of roaches, ants, fleas, spiders, ticks, mice, rats, and other unwanted pests.

As a local, family-owned company, we are third-generation natives of West Palm Beach and are very familiar with the type of pests our tropical environment attracts and how to stop them. Please allow us to help you and your lawn by contacting us today.

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