Fertilizer Palm BeachDo you go to a pharmacy for medication without knowing what specific medical issue is causing your symptoms? We didn’t think so. That’s why at Native Pest Management, before applying fertilizer, we will determine the physical and chemical properties of your soil by measuing the pH and sending samples to a laboratory for analysis. Once we identify nutrient or pH deficiencies and plants suceptible to specific deficiencies (palm trees are often manganese deficient), we will develop a fertilization program customized for your landscape.

When applying fertilizer, we follow University of Florida application recommendations to maximize plant health while reducing pollution. All of our technicians have been trained in Green Industry Best Management Practices and have obtained Limited Urban Commercial Fertilizer Applicator Certifications prior to applying any fertilizer to your property.

Do you know the percent of slow-release fertilizer that is currently being applied to your landscape? To provide nutrients to plant roots over an extended period of time, we use 50% slow-release granular fertilizers to decrease the amount of nutrients lost through leaching in our sandy soils. While many companies choose to apply quick-release fertilizers due to their reduced cost, we at Native Pest Management choose quality because the health of your landscape depends on it.

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