Mosquito Reduction

What is included in Native’s Mosquito Reduction Service?

During each monthly mosquito reduction treatment, our trained and licensed technicans first conduct a thorough inspection of your property to identify any potential mosquito breeding sites. We then strategically apply biological larvicides to these areas to eliminate the ability of mosquitoes to breed. Following our treatment of breeding sites, we apply a combination of micro-encapsulated insecticides and insect growth regulator via a backpack fogger to the landscape surrounding your home to prevent mosquitoes from finding harborage on your property. With our quality guarantee, we will return to provide a free retreatment between services if you are not 100% satisfied with the results of our treatment program and will provide at your request a full refund of your most recent mosquito reduction service.

Will rainfall reduce the application effectiveness?

No, as long as the application has 1-2 hours to dry. The insecticides we use for Mosquito Reduction fogging of the landscape surrounding your home are microencapsulated. This type of insecticide will actually deposit microscopic particles of insecticide on surfaces where it is applied, providing at least twice the residual and safety of emulsifiable concentrates. These microscopic particles protect the active ingredient from degrading or washing away easily, providing longer term control to protect you and your family from mosquitoes.

Indoor Pest Control

Are Native Pest Management’s Products Safe for Pets?

Yes. We read the label of every product prior to adding it to our pest treatment program and will only use products specifically labeled as safe for pets. In addition to only using products labeled as safe for pets, our products are only applied in cracks and crevices and around the exterior perimeter of your home, meaning your family and pets won’t be in contact with them.

What is Included in Native’s Initial Intensive Home Pest Control Service?

Following an inspection of your home, we will apply a low-toxicity product in the cracks and crevices of found in your kitchen and bathrooms. We then strategically apply insect baits adjacent and underneath large appliances in your kitchen, laundry room and garage. On the exterior perimeter of your home, we will first remove all spider webs, wasp nests, mud dauber nests, and millipedes. Then we will apply a granular insect bait designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions around the exterior perimeter, focusing on plant beds. We then apply a preventative spray to the exterior foundation, plants adjacent to your home that are attractive to pests, and potential insect entry points including exterior doors and windows.

Whitefly Control

What Effect Do Whiteflies Have on My Property?

  1. Whiteflies defoliate ficus hedges, eliminating your privacy and lowering your property value.
  2. Whiteflies excrete honeydew, which will attract insects including ghost ants and cockroaches to your property.
  3. Honeydew excreted by whiteflies will deplete the cholorine in your pool and quickly turn it green.
  4. Sooty mold will grow on the honeydew excreted by whiteflies, creating stains on your vehicles, patios, walkways and outdoor furniture.
  5. Sooty mold that grows on plants in close proximity to whitefly infestations will reduce the ability of those plants to use the photosyntheic process to grow and survive.
  6. Whiteflies stress the plants they infest, increasing their susceptibility to fatal diseases