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Termites With Wings

a group of termites flying in a swarm

Termites are a mysterious pest. Most homeowners are only aware that termites may have wings and can look similar to ants. Termites also may leave small piles that can look similar to dirt. That’s… Read More

Does My West Palm Beach Property Have Termites?

a termite eating through wood

Termites can quite literally eat you out of house and home in West Palm Beach, Florida, though they are actually beneficial insects away from the house. Termites eat cellulose which is found in fallen… Read More

What Everyone In West Palm Beach Needs To Know About…

termites swarmers alates on a wooden support

Did you know that termites don’t need to sleep? If that doesn't make you worried about the coming termite season, it should!  Spotting springtime termite swarms in or around your property is often… Read More

Have You Protected Your West Palm Beach Home From…

termite infestation inside home walls

There are not many ways you can identify a termite infestation early. In fact, without professional assistance, there is only one early sign you can use to tell that termites have invaded your home:… Read More

What Is A Termite Swarm & What Does It Mean For My West…

a group of termite swarmers

Did you know that termite damage is estimated to cost homeowners billions of dollars annually? While that number seems high, it’s still true. The average cost of structural repairs for a single home… Read More

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