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Do I Need Professional Cockroach Control?


Common Cockroaches in South Florida There are many types of roaches in the area, but some are more common than others. These four cockroaches are the most common in West Palm Beach, FL, and the… Read More

Everything You Need To Know About Winter Pest Control


What is Winter Pest Control? Winter pest control in Boca Raton, FL is all about dealing with the most common South Florida winter pests. Some pests, like fleas, may make their way into your home… Read More

Why Is It So Hard To Get These Cockroaches Out Of My…

a cockroach infestation in a home

Cockroaches are one of the most disgusting pests you may encounter in your Port St. Lucie home. You're likely aware that cockroaches are considered unclean insects, but you might not know the extent… Read More

West Palm Beach's Guide To Cockroach Identification…

an american cockroach are crawling in a kitchen

When you think of harmless insects around your West Palm Beach residence, do you picture ladybugs or butterflies? Those critters are aesthetically pleasing and harmless. Cockroaches, on the other hand… Read More

Five Handy Cockroach Prevention Tips For West Palm…

a group of cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the more unsanitary pests out there. As cockroaches travel around your house, they leave a trail of feces, saliva, shed skin, and other unsanitary elements. Read More

Do Cockroaches Bite?

A cockroach crawling on a butter dish

Cockroaches are omnivores and mainly eat items such as decaying matter, paper, books, sweets, hair, and meats. Oh, and fortunately for us, they eat cockroach bait too. While cockroaches can… Read More

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