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What To Do About Broadleaf Weeds On Your Boca Raton Property

broadleaf plantain in lawn

The biggest problem with weeds is that they grow in places you don’t want them to. Boca Raton has an especially hospitable climate for different species of weeds to surface and multiply. Read More

What Everyone In Port St. Lucie Should Know About Mosquito…

mosquito biting a thumb

When it comes to the pest world, mosquitoes are quite common. They swarm, they bite, and then the discomfort begins. Many of us are all too familiar with the incessant itching and scratching that can… Read More

Is The Spider In My West Palm Beach Home Dangerous?

a house spider

Spiders are predators that play a helpful role in nature by reducing the population of many commonly irritating insects, such as mosquitoes. As they search for sources of food and shelter, spiders… Read More

How Worried Should I Be About Pavement Ants On My Fort…

pavment ant crawling throu a fort lauderdale home

Pavement ants (Tetramorium caespitum L) are one of the most common ant species in Fort Lauderdale. Pavement ants are not native to our area. They come from Europe. The workers, which are the ants you… Read More

Does My West Palm Beach Property Have Termites?

a termite eating through wood

Termites can quite literally eat you out of house and home in West Palm Beach, Florida, though they are actually beneficial insects away from the house. Termites eat cellulose which is found in fallen… Read More

How Ant Problems Start In Boca Raton Homes

a cluster of carpenter ants in a home

If you thought Boca Raton was overrun with people, think again! These six-legged picnic pests are easily the most populous inhabitant of our lovely west coast retreat. Read More


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