The Truth About Do-It-Yourself Mosquito Control In West Palm Beach

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In most states, there is a sense of seasonality when it comes to pest control. Colder months mean some pests are less active while others pick up the slack. For people in West Palm Beach, it’s always mosquito season. Marked by a small, gray body, this troublesome pest can make hanging out at the beach a chore thanks to their love of leaving behind itchy bites.

Mosquitoes are much more than a simple nuisance. In fact, they’re considered to be the most dangerous animal in the world. This is mainly because of the pathogens they carry. When they bite people, they can leave behind bacteria that result in serious conditions. Conditions such as malaria, dengue fever, West Nile virus, and eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) occur in the United States. With such a dangerous animal flying around, it’s obvious that prevention is the best move to make. 

Knowing What Works & What Doesn’t

Whatever can keep you protected is worth trying when it comes to mosquito prevention. However, this mindset has led to a wealth of prevention tips for people to wade through. Some of them work while others may not be helpful. To help you understand the best way to prevent mosquitoes from swarming your property, here are some tips. Some work while well while others are less effective in controlling your mosquito population.

  • Remove standing water: This is the number one tip that comes up for good reason. Mosquitoes are attracted to any source of standing water. No matter if it’s a pool, clogged gutters, or minor flooding from hard rain, the mosquitoes are interested. Keep the premises as dry as possible to stand a fighting chance against controlling mosquitoes.
  • App control: While this idea has merit, in theory, it doesn’t work in real life. The idea is to use apps to keep the mosquitoes away from your desired area through either mimicking their natural predators or through a pitch designed to keep them away. So far, they haven’t been effective.
  • Landscaping: Overgrown hedges, grass, and other signs of uncontrolled landscaping resemble paradise for mosquitoes. If you want to keep the mosquitoes away, it’s best to maintain good landscaping with appropriate yard treatments. This will eliminate areas for mosquitoes to rest and thus help control your problem. 
  • Tiki torches: In fairness, the use of tiki torches have been popular because they do work. However, it’s only to a small degree if at all. The heat and moisture may attract them, but they lose interest and seek your blood. For ambiance, it’s a valid choice. For effective mosquito control, you should pass.
  • Bug zappers: This one should work in principle. However, while they can certainly attract mosquitoes much like they attract other pests, the truth is that its effectiveness is scaled down to a one-to-one approach. Mosquitoes require a more widespread approach to be truly effective.

Mosquito Control With Native Pest Management

When it comes to mosquito control, the most effective solution is to seek professional services. Professionals trained in mosquito control know what it takes to effectively eliminate them from the property now and for the future.

At Native Pest Management, our team has worked since 1981 to perfect our mosquito control techniques. We have experience managing mosquitoes and use the following techniques to greatly reduce their population on your West Palm Beach property. 

  • Monthly mosquito treatments: Effective mosquito control requires a concentrated and consistent effort. We target the hot spots without neglecting the property at large to ensure a successful treatment.
  • Handle your standing water: Our team has the training and knowledge necessary to effectively treat and drain these areas to further control the mosquito population.
  • In2Care mosquito traps: These traps help reduce the mosquito numbers by taking out adult mosquitoes while halting their breeding efforts. If the mosquitoes don’t breed, they can’t perpetuate the infestation.

Are you in need of mosquito control services? Then give us a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional mosquito control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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