Here in South Florida, it is not so much the cold winter months that cause an increase in pest infestations, but it sure doesn’t help. There are many reasons that a pest might try to enter your home in the winter.

If you have seen pests in or around your home, we urge you to contact us today to schedule an inspection and treatment — ensuring you and your family can be pest-free.

But what are some things that you can do besides calling us to keep pests at bay?

Keep A Clean House to Prevent Pests

Any pest control services provider will tell you the same thing — the most important thing that you can do to ensure that you don’t wind up with an infestation is to keep your home clean.

Keeping your home clean can mean many different things, as pests look for both food, shelter, and water when entering a home. Below, we have outlined three ways to ensure that your home is not a desirable habitat for roaches, spiders, mice, rodents, and other pests.

Water – When people hear that they need to eliminate water from their home, often times they don’t quite understand where there may be an issue. Your South Florida pest control services provider isn’t suggesting that you not use water in your home, but rather are saying that you should air out and dehumidify certain areas.

Crawl spaces are often the main culprits for pest habitats as they are often humid — something that goes unnoticed as they are rarely, if ever, accessed. To make your crawlspace less desirable to pests, you may want to run a dehumidifier in the crawl space a couple times a month. Also be sure your crawl space is properly ventilated.

Food – Food is without a doubt one of the largest attractants for pests — after all, they have to eat. The key to keeping pests out of your home is to make sure that their access to food is limited.

Keeping crumbs off of the floor, keeping food on shelves, and packaging food in sealed containers are all ways that you can deter pests from entering your home. The key to keeping your home pest free is ensuring that a pest would have better luck finding food elsewhere than in your home.

Shelter – You might be thinking “Shelter? Isn’t my home a shelter?”, and while yes, it is, we mean shelter in the sense of a pest’s shelter from you! If your home is full of clutter pests can actually be in your home for quite some time before you even notice.

In fact, pests could be in your South Florida home for months without you noticing.  As a provider of pest control services here in South Florida, we strongly suggest that you clear any unnecessary messes in your home before winter rolls around.

Where to Store Firewood to Prevent Pests

While we rarely have to have fires in the South Florida area to warm our homes, many homes do have fireplaces for aesthetic purposes. You may have a stack of wood on the side of your house so that you do not have to venture far to gather wood on those rare cold nights.

While it may be convenient to have firewood close to your home, it can be a potential issue when it comes to pests. Rodents, in particular, love to live in the stacks of wood by your home for two reasons.

First, a woodpile is an excellent shelter for them, and second, it is close enough to your home for them to make a run for the door when you come out to get wood.

While we do not offer pest control services that involve moving your wood pile away from your home, we do suggest that you do it — saving you the trouble of having to schedule a pest control treatment from our experienced team of rodent control specialists.  

Seal Potential Entry Points

What is the best thing that you can do to keep pests from entering your home? Seal off all of the places that they would try!

As a pest control services provider, we have seen a number of infestations in South Florida as a result of homeowners or businesses failing to seal exterior cracks or holes.. But what are some of the more common places that you should be looking?

Foundation – If you own an older home or business, it is possible that your foundation has cracked or crumbled in a way that might allow pests to gain entry. If this is the case, it is time to hire a concrete patching company to fill in the potential entry points.

Door Frames – Another common (and maybe the most common) point of entry for pests would be the door frame. Sometimes doors can have a large gap beneath, or around them as a result of warping or improper fitting upon installation. If the door is warped you might need to replace it. If the door is raised too high off the ground, you can install a spacer to plug the gap.

Schedule A Pest Control Treatment

Last, but certainly not least, you can contact us at Native Pest Management to employ our pest control services. Not only do we focus on pest control, but we also specialize in integrated pest management techniques like pest prevention.

Not only are our pest control services proven, but they are also safe. Our eco-friendly pest control products are safe for your family and pets while still proving to be fatal to rodents and insects trying to enter your home.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us here at Native Pest Management today to schedule a free inspection of your South Florida home or business.

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