Palmetto Bugs West Palm Beach

I am not sure if I can conjure a more hated insect. American Cockroaches are hairy and menacing. Like tarantulas, but even those just don’t seem to make people jump like roaches make people jump. As experts have made clear numerous times this year already, this summer will be a special one because we will all be seeing more bugs everywhere, and that includes the dreaded cockroach.

What American Cockroaches Look Like

Adult American cockroaches can become very large in size. Most of the roaches we see are the size of a couple of quarters, but we have heard about ones in New York being the size of mice. Whatever the case may be, researchers insist that the size of the American Cockroach, often called a Palmetto Bug, is no longer than three inches. That is still sizable, but nowhere as large as my grandmother’s Pekingese, like I had been told.

American Roaches Can Fly

You may have heard rumors about the American Cockroaches ability to fly, but they were always dismissed as rumors. Well, now you know. A roach’s wings only develop once it reaches adulthood, so if you find yourself accidentally encountering terrifying roaches, then just hope that they are hip teenagers.

Roaches can find access into your home easily, as I am sure that you have learned that by now. Roaches can easily slip underneath doors, and any other slight crevice leading into a warm area that is rich in food and water. This summer, if you find a roach in your home, and you see it flying, then don’t be a hero, just call your local pest control professional.

Have you ever experienced a roach infestation?