Sugar Ants Boynton BeachFloridians are no strangers to ants. These pests sneak into our homes and get into every little bit of food they can. From your pet food to your cupboard snacks, it seems as though nothing is safe from their reach. These annoying pests are attracted to sugary foods and scraps. Once an ant finds a good source of food, they’ll carry it back to their nest for the colony. Many homeowners and business owners believe that a trip to the store to grab some ant killer will work perfectly, but this is not always the case. These poisons can harm your pets or be dangerous to any children around. They are also not guaranteed to work for all species of ants. It’s essential that you know which type of ant you are dealing with before you use a store-bought ant control method.

With Native Pest Management, you can be sure that our professionals know exactly what type of ants we are dealing with, as well as the best method to effectively eliminate them. Our founders are third-generation natives of West Palm Beach, and we understand the ins and outs of eliminating all types of pests. From preventative treatment to a full extermination, we take whatever steps are necessary to protect your property. Our products and treatments are all eco-friendly and pet-safe, and each of our services is backed by our Native Pest Guarantee. If the pests come back in between our scheduled visits, we’ll handle it for free.

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