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Sugar Ants Boynton BeachAs residents of South Florida, odds are you’ve seen a fair number of ants around your home. While people usually think ants are after sugary foods, they are actually mainly entering our homes in search of water.

The most common spots ants first appear are in kitchens and bathrooms. Even a spotless home can easily have sugar ants due to the presence of moisture. 

Before calling us, many people try over the counter products such as Terro or Home Defense spray. While baits like Terro are fine to try, we highly discourage using any type of spray on ants.

Most sprays give the illusion they are working since the ants will die on contact, but these products have no residual so the ants will be back the next day. 

By getting in touch with your local ant control company in South Florida, Native Pest Management, you can relax knowing that your ant infestation will be quickly and effectively exterminated.

Ghost Ant Control in South Florida

Disclaimer: Sugar ants and Ghost ants are the same.

Any ant that is attracted to sugar, starches, and other forms of food can be considered to be “Sugar ants,” making virtually any nuisance ant in your home a Sugar ant.

That being said, Ghost ants are commonly referred to as sugar ants because they are the most common ant that we see in homes or business in Palm Beach, Martin and Broward counties.

Ghost ants (Tapinoma melanocephalum) are among the most common ants that we see inside of homes in the South Florida area. Ghost ants get their name from their pale colored legs and abdomen that act as a camouflage of sorts.

Often times, when we receive a call from a customer saying that they have a sugar ant infestation, the culprit usually ends up being the ghost ant, as, like most sugar eating ants, the ghost ant is very small.

Ghost ants range in size with the most common sizes being within 1.3 to 1.5 millimeters long. What makes this pest especially invasive is their ability to redistribute and move entire nests quickly in response to a threat, so If you believe to have gotten rid of them, they may have just moved.

Ghost ants, being extremely small, can easily enter your home by hitching a ride in on a houseplant, or even by crawling through the openings around your doors. Once inside your home, ghost ants will feed on sugary foods like sweets, cereals, syrups, and whatever else they can find easy access to inside of your pantry.

Ghost ants are considered to be difficult pests to get rid of because once they find a food source they will establish multiple colonies within close proximity of the food source.

How Do Ghost Ants Get Inside My Home?

How Did Ghost Ants Get Inside My Home?

One of the most common questions that we get upon our arrival for a pest control services appointment is “How did I get Ghost ants?” Well, luckily, it is not your fault — in fact, Ghost ants are extremely hard to keep out of your home or business, being that their size allows for them to enter through even the smallest of cracks.

Once these pests are inside, they seek food in large numbers. Sugar, and sugary products like cereal and syrups are the primary attractants of ghost ants — making a clean kitchen and food storage area imperative in limiting the risk of ant infestation.

What do Ghost Ants Look Like?

As we mentioned earlier, Ghost ants are extremely small, with average sizes ranging from 1.3 to 1.5 millimeters long. Ghost ants have a dark head and body with a lighter colored abdomen. The most common areas of homes we treat for Ghost ants are near kitchen countertops, sinks, baseboards, and cabinets.

Native Pest Management: Pet Safe Ghost Ant Control Near Me

At Native Pest Management, we understand the annoyance that ghost ants cause within your home. 

If you believe that you have a ghost ant infestation, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. Ghost ants are known for being very persistent,  creating multiple colonies within your home and making ghost ant extermination difficult.

We look forward to providing our local pet safe ant control at your home. If you find ghost ants or any other pests in your home, be sure to contact the pros today at Native Pest Management to schedule your free pest control inspection! 

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